August 15, 2022

Keeping Your Film Crew Fed On Set

Team morale is incredibly important when working on a film, and that includes both the cast we see on screen and the crew working hard behind the scenes. Not only does a happy and respectful working environment keep the team going but also the way they are catered for.

As filming schedules mean long working hours, staff need to be able to eat during their various breaks in order to keep their energy levels up. A happy, well-fed team will be far more productive than those struggling to make it through the day on an empty stomach, which could completely affect their quality of work and the overall product.

When feeding your team you need to be sure there is plenty for everyone. No one should be worried about there not being enough food left for them should a shoot over run and their break is taken later than other staff members. So even on a small budget, no expense should be spared on making sure there’s more than enough food to go around. After all, no one wants their team to be racing each other to the canteen.

It is also very important to remember that not only do people have different tastes but have certain allergies and intolerances as well. With that in mind you should always aim to have an excellent variety of cuisines available. Think about all food groups when making your selection, don’t just rely on chips and pizza try adding in plenty of fruit and vegetables too. It should go without saying that any food you provide should be held at a high standard throughout the day. That means keeping everything hot and available on time.

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